Mediation Charter

Victor is a signatory of the Charter of the law firms for the amicable settlement of commercial disputes.

Charter of the law firms for the amicable settlement of commercial disputes
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The wording of the Charter:

The firms which have signed this Charter are aware that:

  • It is in the interest of their clients to prevent disputes and to solve their litigations amicably rather than in court;
  • There are techniques and procedures permitting amicable solutions, even after the failure of negotiations and the filing of legal proceedings.

This is why they hereby declare their intention:

  1. to inform their clients of the existence of these methods and of their signing of this Charter;
  2. to determine whether an amicable procedure is possible and timely, when their clients are in a pre-contentious situation or involved in a judicial or arbitration procedure;
  3. When this is the case, to propose an amicable procedure to the other parties while providing them, if necessary, with all useful information in this respect;
  4. to make such a determination again during a contentious procedure, when it has not been possible to prevent the filing of such a procedure;
  5. to insert a suitable amicable settlement clause in the contracts they draft, each time this is possible and desirable.
  6. internally, to provide the training necessary for familiarizing attorneys liable to encounter situations of conflict with the methods of settling litigations amicably, so that the attorneys responsible for managing conflicts are able to utilize these methods in their clients’ best interests;
  7. to participate in meetings with other firms who have signed this charter and with the firms who have signed the inter-company mediation Charter for solving commercial conflicts, to compare their experience in the amicable settlement of conflicts.